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With 10 years of block fights and evening club gigs behind him, Chicago rapper and hip-hop artist PonyPak is currently a veteran in his field. His new CD release, Phrases Are Energy: Volume 1, is trailblazing a unique design of Rap music

PonyPak began DJ-ing and pairing home music tapes when he was in the eighth grade. That early start served him develop a mode that's natural PonyPak: thought-provoking, non-violent and perceptive words collection to the greatest beats coming out of Chi-Town. Fans will not discover any profanity in PonyPak's words. It is maybe not his style. Metropolitan Intelligence could be the message he wants to present to his large following, both young and old. A current Channel 19 Access efficiency in Chicago attracted an archive amount of readers including university pupils to 30-somethnig professionals.

The 12 unique paths that make up Phrases Are Energy: Volume 1 are filled with raw loyalty sheathed in hope. The starting track, This really is Chicago, pays respect to PonyPak's neighborhood and its deep-rooted people. By contacting out 2020 rap songs block titles and neighborhoods and applying slang like "area of the ballers and champagne callers," he gives a nod to the local scene. The utilization of'mafia noise'and Spanish guitar is also a homage to Chi's rich record and diversity.

Slang-A-Ball is just a fact- centered, slamming downtown narrative about rising up in the shadow of hustling - the lure of offering dope tempered by knowing the consequences. Meanwhile, Mack Please fuses basic jazz with today's sound. The reduce functions various paths; each combined with a verbal straight back scratch. The jazz edition supplies a mellow feel against a smooth rap while the 2nd half starts with a verbal straight back damage that results in the renowned "stone in the back, sun top top, looking the world with a gangster slim" vibe.

On Do not Harm'Em, PonyPak sets the bass in that person, replicating much car thumping overcome with'electronika'games in the background. They're used with cocksure words like as "My verbal neurotoxins ruin your system language, and grab aside paragraphs with musical anguish." At the other end of the variety, Sprinkle shows a showcase for heavy home music from the undercover appears of Chicago, offering downtown rhyming with syncopated appears of old school.

The Actual Mc Coy includes a heavy soul R&N noise merged with heavy blues and a reputation type that's easy and engaging. On Sprinkle II Remix, a thumping party track merges with warm downtown rhyming words and metaphorical language and requires home music to some other level with an awesome concept synthesizer and a natural keyboard party sound.

Headz Up highlights PonyPak as MC maker with a rock-influenced cause guitar and large drum character with an A Capella ending that adds to the song's uniqueness. Self-Control requires the listener heavy into PonyPak's philosophical words seen around a west coast R&N sound. Meanwhile, Mack 2 swings the temper to a Latin reggae party feel while Eternity keeps that reggae feel using a cool flow and a superb use of rhyme and alliteration with a killer baseline.

No More offers believed provoking words concerning the war in Iraq and the anguish of the National people, specially the spouses, partners, parents and kiddies of useless soldiers. PonyPak parallels the war with the abuse, death, injustice and inequality in America ("Killings,killings,killings troops and civilians" and "One thousand dollars to improve yet another place"). It is perhaps the most effective track of the album. The final reduce, fittingly emphasizes the CD's name and message: "Phrases Are Power."

PonyPak is both humbled by and thankful for the opportunity to own his music seen and his message spread. His goal is to be part of the world's music community that comes together to make music about enjoy, wish, concern and regard for human life. "There is of pain and suffering on the planet," he comments. "Audio can take people to some other degree of conscious existence." He is adamant about his duty being an artist as reflected in his four-point manifesto:

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