Here are more important information How To reduce Corona and even how to stop the virus.

The official tips like desinfection, washing hands, etc. are for the most people clear, here are some advanced methods and better solutions who could really help - for prevention and even to cure!
1. Drinking of healing water, healthy food and strengthening of the immune system, weekly mineral and vitamine depots - official health authorities should share M&V depots.
2. All 1-3 days garlic, it can cover the skin with a protection layer, it can be good to prevent harmful bakteria and viruses! Same for breath and water cycle, garlic has the potential to reduce many viruses.
3. Very important is to think about UV-C light and to use it also on a larger scale, especially for courier, postal offices – for example in main letter sharing centres - food and other delivery services.. the light can be a message to any virus to care borders.
There are even new portable UV-C devices in development and production, so the prices going down to a few Euros! Public hotspots and most touched layers in banks, buses, libraries, hospitals, stores, trains, trams, universities could get such 'medical' UVC lights – portable and stationary!
4. There is an adaptogenic healing tea similar like Ginseng, it can reduce damage medicine and suffering for infected people, it even has the potential to cure the desease completely!
5. Some weeks ago a tree was found who has the most effective substance, first medical test have shown that it can reduce 80 percent or more of the virus in the body. The bad news is, this tree is very endangered and only aviable in a few regions, like in Indonesia. Indust. synthetisation will maybe possible in approx 4-6 months.
If you want to know more details, you can contact anytime by eMail or other official channels. Your friend of nature. More news and usefull tips will follow
Please forward, translate and share the important information, no matter if in Americas, Australia, Asia,.. Europe or Russia, the Worlds Islands, North or South Pole. Third draft published on 22032020.
Care each other, dont be egoistic or ignorant, it makes everythink worse. Solidarity and courage is now more important as ever before, especially for the poor and weak. it affects us all. Show some support and solidarity for most affected nations and regions if you can.


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