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The symbolic earth may be the language of the Universe. Therefore phrases usually do not express the substance of truth. Our perceptions produce our internal reports, which often produce the recommendations of our lives. Spirals, triangles, groups, squares, and crosses evoke emotions of connectedness that appears general among humans for the duration of history. Different cultures, arts and designs reveal their reports through the symbolic world. Fractals are a good example of just how many find a new visual blending of artwork, research and nature.

I believe that one of many factors that our programs and institutions are striving with this world is basically because people are evolving to new levels. They require various perspectives, various and open techniques to find out the world around them. Individuals of all ages deserve to be validated as human beings. Their reports are weaving the 21st Century's history, and as a culture we ought to produce the change essential to greatly help our looking minds and hearts.

A good example of that is among my personal favorite reports was published by biologist Lyall Watson in his guide Lifetide: The Biology of Consciousness and then popularized in

Ken Keyes guide The Hundredth Monkey. As the history goes a group of researchers were learning the conduct of local apes on the island of Koshima near Japan in 1952. This group of Mucaca fuscats apes might consume the sweet potatoes that the researchers dropped in the san day-to-day for them. One small woman horse, who the researchers named Imo, discovered to wash the potatoes before ingesting them. She taught her horse buddies and household to wash their potatoes too. Fairly shortly lots of the apes were copying Imo's food cleaning behavior. The researchers seen this Comptia A+ Study guide with interest, seeing the way the conduct slowly distribute through the tribe, till one day anything startling happened - every horse in the tribe began cleaning their food. The researchers reported their findings - at the same time that another group of researchers at Takaskeyana on the district mainland had noticed an unusual and eerie sensation: instantly all the Macaca fuscata apes they were observing had begun to wash their food in the sea without physical link with Imo or the first group of monkeys. This history is among my internal reports that guide my perceptions of the incredible Universe. There's so much we do not know. My internal history is a opinion in the Hundredth Horse theory. This principle is that after a percentage of any species learn anything there is a quantum start in understanding for your group. My history is that our human household is along the way to knowledge, sympathy, and more enlightenment.

A significant change is occurring, not merely on our world, but within the human psyche. Secrets are farming up throughout the place. Questions are being requested and responses are being sought. For generations research has tried to be disconnected from the spiritual realm. It would appear, nevertheless, that many researchers are making discoveries that ensure what the mystics realized for centuries. Dr. Candice Pert, writer of Molecules of Sensation discovered that our cells, react to our emotions all around the body. Dr. Pert is one of the many researchers who're discovering your brain, body and nature connection. Her research indicates clearly that cells at probably the most minute degrees keep in touch with each other. They vibrate to another wavelengths and will quickly vibrate together around a time frame, with respect to the activities of different cells around them. The cells appear to have intelligence at all degrees within the body.

This aspect of Dr. Pert's function fascinates me. For years I have been intrigued by the concepts around the connection between the microcosm and macrocosm. Is it possible that the symbolic earth is guiding us at a mobile level? The symbolic earth is a rich resource for us. You will find process that have been applied for the duration of history. Although some look upon tarot decks, runes and the I Ching with suspicion, these methods allow us to utilize and develop our personal intuition. Prayer beads, prayer wheels, mantras, rosary beads, crosses and mandalas are all methods to permit us to connect with your spiritual essence.

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